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Veridis is a continent in the southern hemisphere of the Earth. It is bordered to the north by the Green Sea, to the south and east by the Ingenic Ocean, and to the west by the Questarian Sea. It is the smallest continent by land area.


Captain Allemeida claims Veridis for Oswin and Flamaguay

Veridids was discovered by Flamaguayan explorers led by Allameida on 5 January 1416, making landfall on what is now Zavala. The Veridian Continental War took place between 1950 and 1954.


Symbol Flag Name Capital System of
Head GDP
per capita
Population Area (km2) Pop. density
(per km²)
Arriyiñatos Nuevo Staro Parzalativzhe Constitutional Republic Emiliana Cociffi $774.7 bn $36,570 21,150,000 310,784 68.05
Lazarih Otoka Lazarograd Constitutional Republic Vuk Talopitepo $7.6 bn $2,908 2,598,015 19,942 130.28
North Point Jacksonville Common law The North Point Company $1,700 bn $41,359 41,000,000 136,057 301.34
Poyapáno Rolica Plazalist Héctor Gálvez $191.3 bn $12,504 15,300,000 323,072 47.36
Seal of Puerto Blanco.png Puerto Blanco Resistencia One-party state Agostina Lopetegui $231 bn $16,500 12,000,000 187,648 63.95
Structure of Abolition Urban Zone 01 Abolitionism Recurrent Consultation $706 bn $87,637 9,900,000 950,784 10.41
Valimero Coimbra Grand Confederation Joachim Antonio da Costa $597 bn $18,093 33,000,000 517,376 63.78
Veraluca Bray Fentos Corrupt memestate Council of National Guidance $1,294‬ bn $10,742 120,406,000 2,007,808 59.97
Emblem of Zaruma.png Zaruma Ch'iyara Pantheocracy Pahuac Hualpa Mayta $514 bn $18,035 28,500,000 508,416 56.06
Zavala Puerto Mercedes Constitutional Republic Ramón Olivera $3,293 bn $17,470 188,500,000 1,705,472 110.53


Guanacos, foothills of the E'leye, Zavala
A tepui on the Zanárichípe-Veraluca border. 
The Cha'yaitén waterfalls, Tirsanechó
Dalton Islands, North Point. 
The Urtandú river, central Valimero
The ruins of Wapamé, Zaruma
The seafront at Rolica
Downtown Puerto Mercedes