Structure of the North Point Army

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The North Point Army is organized into a number of brigades totaling about one division in strength.


The North Point Army is organized into three main elements which report to the Forces Marshall (Army); the Headquarters of the North Point Division (often stylized as "No.1 Division (North Point)", the Special Operations Command, and the Land Forces Command. Headquarters North Point Division is responsible for high-level training activities and is capable of being deployed to command large-scale ground operations, but does not have any permanent combat units assigned to it. Most of the Army's combat units report to the Land Forces Command, which is responsible for overseeing their readiness and preparing them for operations.

Current order of battle

  • Forces Marshall (Army)
    • No.1 Division (North Point)
      • Headquarters, No.1 Division (Fort Independence, Grand Island)
      • Army Intelligence Command
      • 14th Battalion, North Point Strategic Forces (Theater Artillery)
      • North Point Repair Depot (battalion level)
      • 4th Brigade (Medical)
      • 5th Brigade (Engineers)
      • 11th Regiment, North Point Army Air Forces (RC-12N)
    • Land Forces Command (North Point)
      • 1st Brigade
        • Headquarters, 1st Brigade (Ft. Independence, Grand Island)
        • 1st Battalion, North Point Regiment (M113)
        • 2nd Battalion, North Point Regiment (M113)
        • 1st Cavalry Regiment, North Point Horse (Challenger 2)
        • 1st Regiment, North Point Artillery (M777)
      • 2nd Brigade
        • Headquarters, 2nd Brigade (Ft. Cairns, Greenford Island)
        • 3rd Battalion, North Point Infantry (M113)
        • 5th Battalion, North Point Infantry (M113)
        • 2nd Cavalry Regiment, North Point Horse (Challenger 2)
        • 2nd Regiment, North Point Artillery (G6)
      • 3rd Brigade
        • Headquarters, 3rd Brigade (Ft. Teller, Grand Island)
        • 4th Battalion, The Parachute Brigade (paratroops)
        • 6th Battalion, The Parachute Brigade (paratroops)
        • 3rd Regiment, North Point Horse (Sheridan)
        • 3rd Regiment, North Point Artillery (M198)
      • 4th Brigade
        • Headquarters, 4th Brigade (Ft. Shepard, Grand Island)
        • 7th Battalion, North Point Regiment (air assault - Super Puma)
        • 1st Regiment, North Point Army Air Forces (AH-1W)
        • 2nd Regiment, North Point Army Air Forces (AH-1W)
        • 3rd Regiment, North Point Army Air Forces (CH-53)
        • 4th Regiment, North Point Army Air Forces (Super Puma / Caracal)
        • 5th Regiment, North Point Artillery (M198)
      • 10th Combat Service Support Brigade (Ft. Teller, Grand Island)
        • Headquarters Company
        • 1st Transport Battalion
        • 2nd Transport Battalion
        • 3rd Maintenance Battalion
        • 4th Quartermaster Battalion
      • 17th Military Police Brigade (distributed)
        • Headquarters Company
        • 1st Military Police Battalion
        • 2nd Military Police Battalion
        • 3rd Military Police Battalion
        • 4th Military Police Battalion