North Point Security Forces

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North Point Security Forces
Clockwise from top left: troops of the North Point Regiment in Questers during the Rebellion; North Point Sea Command destroyer NPS Ardent on trials; a Challenger 2 tank of the North Point Horse; North Point troops charging an enemy position during the Diamond Atoll Confrontation; a North Point Flying Corps Lafayette Super Etendard landing aboard an Estates Navy aircraft carrier; a North Point Army Air Forces AH-1 SuperCobra during the Questarian Rebellion.
Founded May 1st, 1822
Service branches North Point Army
North Point Sea Command
North Point Flying Corps
North Point Guard Force
Headquarters Fort Independence, Jacksonville, North Point
Forces Marshall David S. Cutting MBA PMP
Military age 18-30
Available for
military service
5,500,000 age 17-50 (2010 est.), age 15–49
Fit for
military service
5,100,000 age 17-50 (2010 est.), age 15–49
Reaching military
age annually
150,000 (2010 est.)
Active personnel 95,000
Reserve personnel 25,000
Deployed personnel 15,000~
Budget $32 billion
Percent of GDP 2%

The North Point Security Force is the military Association responsible for the defense of North Point. It consists of the North Point Army, North Point Sea Command, and North Point Flying Corps. The NPSF has a strength of just over 95,000 full-time personnel and active reservists. It is administered by the War Department, a sub-branch of its parent Association, the North Point Company.

As a professional military association recognized as a Common Law entity, service in the North Point Security Forces is naturally voluntary. The Security Forces maintain a high level of cooperation and standardization with their Praetonian and Questarian equivalents, the Estates-General and Malay Federation.