North Point Guard Force

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North Point Guard Force
Active1 November 1817 - present
Country North Point
TypeNational guard / militia
Size100,000 part-time reservists
(Latin: Everywhere)
ColorsNorth Point Blue, White
MarchBonnie Dundee

The Guard Force is the military reserve force raised by the North Point Company. Unlike the North Point Army, the Guard Force is a part-time non-professional force of reservists. The Guard Force units are derived from volunteer local units raised by a region, major city, or large estate. Each member of the Guard Force is issued a Light Automatic Rifle, which they keep at home, along with 200 rounds of ammunition.

Guard Force units are generally issued second-line equipment from the North Point Army. The majority of the Guard Force units are motorized or light infantry though some light armor and artillery units are stationed on Grand Island. Guard Force units are generally not sent overseas, though two light infantry and parachute-trained units were sent to Questers during the Questarian Civil War and assisted with the defense of Kuala Pahang.