North Point Guard Force

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North Point Guard Force
Active1 November 1799 - present
Country North Point
TypeNational guard / militia
Size100,000 part-time reservists
5.5 million eligible for service
(Latin: Everywhere)
ColorsNorth Point Blue, White
MarchBonnie Dundee

The Guard Force is the military reserve force of North Point. All able-bodied males aged 18 through 40 are de facto members of the Guard Force, but its main strength is derived from volunteer local units raised by each region or major city. Under the Guard Force system, every household without a member in the volunteer units is required to keep a military-grade rifle (in almost all cases a North Point Service Rifle) on hand, along with at least two-hundred rounds of military-issue ammunition.

The volunteer units are generally issued second-line equipment from the North Point Army, but all Guard Force troops are allowed a relatively wide leeway in privately-purchased personal equipment. Heavy weapons, such as anti-tank rocket launchers, man-portable air defense systems (such as the FIM-92 Stinger), and explosives (such as land mines and grenades), are heavily-controlled and stored at Guard Force armories. Only personal firearms are allowed to be kept in the home.

Organized volunteer Guard Force regiments usually take the form of motorized or light infantry. With the passing of an emergency war powers bill, Guard Force regiments can be deployed overseas to assist the North Point Army, though this is an extremely unpopular option that was only called upon during the Great War.


Guard Force units raised by cities (on the large islands), and individual islands in the smaller areas - usually stylized in the battalion name. Most infantry battalions are light infantry units, some air assault equipped with older Alouette model helicopters. Guard Force tank units equipped with older (non-frontline) armored vehicles. The Guard Force is a specifically designed force for home defense and is not intended for overseas deployment/

  • Forces Marshall (Guard Force)
    • Headquarters, North Point Guard Force (Ft. Independence, Grand Island)
      • No.3 Battalion (Army Liaison)
      • Repair Depot (Battalion Level)
      • No.40 Battalion (Medical)
    • 5th Division, North Point Guard Force
      • 2nd Brigade (Grand Island)
        • No.1 Battalion (Protector's Own) (light)
        • No.3 Battalion (Robertsville) (light)
        • No.19 Battalion (Shepard) (light)
        • No.20 Battalion (Southford) (motorized - Unimog)
        • No.5 Regiment (North Point Tanks) (Patton)
        • No.81 Regiment (North Point Tanks) (Patton)
        • No.16 Field Artillery Battery (Port Smith) (M198)
        • No.17 Air Defense Detachment (Signal Point) (motorized - Defender)
      • 14th Brigade (Dalton)
        • No.3 Battalion (Dalton) (motorized - Defender)
        • No.10 Battalion (Espritos Marcos) (light)
        • No.12 Regiment (air assault - Alouette III)
        • No.17 Field Artillery Battery (M198)
      • 19th Brigade (Westlands)
        • No.7 Battalion (light)
        • No.11 Battalion (light)
        • No.31 Battalion (motorized - Defender)
        • No.4 Battalion (motorized - Defender)
        • No.1 Field Artillery Battery (M198)
    • 6th Division, North Point Guard Force
      • 21st Brigade (Lauderdale)
        • No.13 Battalion (Lauderdale) (light)
        • No.14 Battalion (Vella La Cava) (light)
        • No.5 Battalion (motorized - Defender)
        • No.19 Regiment (air assault - Alouette III)
        • No.9 Field Artillery Battery (M198)
      • 22nd Brigade (Greenford)
        • No.1 Battalion (light)
        • No.2 Battalion (Sterling) (light)
        • No.7 Battalion (motorized - Defender)
        • No.10 Field Artillery Battery (M198)
        • No.21 Regiment (air assault - Alouette III)
      • 25th Brigade (Out Islands)
        • No.38 Battalion (Choiseul) (light)
        • No.40 Battalion (Endurance) (light)
        • No.44 Battalion (Lansdowne) (light)
        • No.46 Battalion (Santa Isabel) (motorized - Unimog)
        • No.47 Battalion (New Georgia) (light)
        • No.49 Battalion (Impenetrable) (light)
    • 7th Division, The North Point Guard Force
      • 23rd Brigade (Grand Island)
        • No.8 Battalion (Jacksonville) (mechanized - M113)
        • No.9 Battalion (Jacksonville) (motorized - Unimog)
        • No.20 Battalion (Speightstown) (light)
        • No.31 Battalion (North Point Tanks) (West Port) (M551)