Malayan Federation

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Malayan Federation
Federation flag.png
Flag of the Federation

Bahaya tidak menghalang

English: Undeterred by danger
Founder Abdul Sulung bin Roslan Mohammed Afiz
Type Confederation of associations
Services Military, private courts, macro-insurance
Official language
English, Malay
Abdul Sulung bin Roslan Mohammed Afiz

The Malayan Federation is a supraorganisation of Questarian estatists, who contribute proportions of their income into a common fund, which provides for national and public security. The Federation's estatists own land amounting to approximately 2.9 million sq-miles, worth approximately $4 trillion. The common fund raised $130 billion in 2017, the vast majority of which is spent maintaining ground and air forces.

The Federation became the largest military organisation after the Questarian Civil War, which left the principal subscribers to the Company of Freeholders bankrupt; the Company collapsed in 2012. The Federation inherited most of the remaining solvent subscribers and adopted most of the Company's constitution. Most foreign governments now deal with the Federation when necessary, recognising it as the largest power on the continent, and the common law associations in Praetonia, North Point, Cockaygne and Tairendia deal with it as they used to with the Company of Freeholders.


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