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Great Khaganate of Gzhelkastan
Flag Seal
Anthem: Boodog Chorale
CapitalKarakh Gzhelk
Official languages Gzhelk
Ethnic groups Gzhelk
Religion Pantheonism, Oswinism, tribal religions
Demonym Gzhelk
Government Khaganate
 •  President Monkhbat
Legislature Khural
 •  Gzhelk Khanate  
 •  Republic of Gzhelkastan  
 •  2,893,568 km2
1,117,213 sq mi
 •  Water (%) 0.51%
 •  2019 estimate 55,997,312
GDP (PPP) 2019 estimate
 •  Total $500 billion
 •  Per capita $8,929

Gzhelkastan, officially the Great Khaganate of Gzhelkastan is a constitutional republic located in western Crataea. It is the homeland of the Gzhelks, a nomadic people whose conquests in the 16th century reshaped Crataea. Gzhelkastan is still primarily a nomadic country, in which clans command more loyalty than the national government.

Gzhelkastan is the birthplace of Ulannic civilization. Modern Gzhelk culture is a product of its traditional Ulannic practices, as well as foreign influences. Adherents of the popular pan-Ulannic ideology of Sergeltism strive to purify Gzhelk culture by expunging non Ulannic influences.

Gzhelkastan is one of the poorest countries in the world by economic output. However, its economy has grown substantially over the past decade, primarily because of foreign investment. Gzhelkastan is the westernmost country in Crataea, and has historically been a crossroads between Wallasea and Crataea. It was colonized by Saratovia in the 19th century, and continues to receive a great deal of financial assistance from Prekovy.