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A ruined street early in the Civil War

Funes was the capital of Flamaguay. At it's peak in 1955 over 2.3 million people inhabited its municipal area, being the most largest urban area by population. Funes functioned as the political center of the republic, hosting Congress, the Presidential Palace, and the Supreme Court of Justice. It also operated as the financial and economic heart of the country, boasting one of it's most important ports. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Funes was completely destroyed during the Civil War.

The First Funes Conventions were signed in 1868 and the second in 1871.

A view of Paseo Uñay c.1754. 
Construction of the Banco Poyapáno c.1880. 
Paseo de Telera looking south, c. 1890. 
Avenida Racco c.1900. 
Oswinists march down Paseo de las Carolinas c.1910. 
The new Ministerio de Hacienda photographed from the air, c.1950.