Azure Sky incident

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Azure Sky Incident
DateFebruary 19, 1998
Result Destruction of shipment, major breakdown in Tairendian-Commonwealth relations
Praetonia SS Azure Sky Tairendia 1st Guards Division "Silver Mountain"
Commanders and leaders
Praetonia Captain William Taylor Tairendia 1st Lieutenant Sakura Haramura
Praetonia 12 crewmen Tairendia 30 infantry
Casualties and losses
2 wounded, loss of $_dollars cargo none

The Azure Sky Incident was a political protest by soldiers of the Tairendian Republic on February 19, 1998 against the peace terms of the Lunar War. Angered veterans of the conflict disguised themselves as customs inspectors and destroyed a shipment of teapots and pewterware from the Praetannic Tea Company aboard the ship SS Azure Sky.