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República Confederada de Zavala
Motto: "Con Sangre Regamos la Confederación"
(English: With Blood We Water the Confederation)
Anthem: Cien Batallas y Solo Una Vida
(English: A Hundred Battles and Only One Life)
Location of Zavala within the SMSWorld
CapitalPuerto Mercedes
Largest Valparaiso
Official languages Flamaguayan
Ethnic groups (2010) Flamaguayan, Trapápí People, Wiriýanimatí People, Black Crataean
Demonym Zavalano
(English: Zavalan)
Government Confederated presidential republic
 •  Consul-President Ramón Olivera
 •  Discovery January 1416 
 •  Permanent settlement December 1485 
 •  Flamaguayan colony August 5th, 1520 
 •  Act of Independence November 30th, 1910 
 •  1,705,472 km2
658,486 sq mi
 •  2017 estimate 188,500,000
 •  2010 census 172,117,240
GDP (PPP) 2017 estimate
 •  Total $3.293 trillion
 •  Per capita $17,470
Gini (2010)55.3
HDI 0.818
very high
Currency Peso Fuerte Zavalano (₱Z) (PZV)
Time zone (UTC-2)
 •  Summer (DST)  (UTC-1)
Date format mm-dd-yyyy
Drives on the right
Calling code +355
ISO 3166 code ZV
Internet TLD .zv, .gov.zv, .xxx.zv

Zavala is a republic located in eastern Veridis.

It is home to the Mercedes Cartel.

The Veridian Cocaine Wars killed a lot of people.

Political and economic life in Zavala is dominated by the Grandees, individuals of significant wealth and prestige. Universally possessing strong links to the colonial past of Zavala through lineage, Grandees often directly occupy positions of high standing whether it be public or private. A Grandee is often simultaneously the leading member in his or her family, and has a social obligation not only to those with a direct blood link but also those who have served the family and locality of the Grandee. These relationships can be dated back through generations, and form an integral part of the social fabric of the nation. Formerly a codified colonial noble title dissolved during the Consular period, the tradition has proved resolute and there are thousands of Grandees of varying status and wealth in modern Zavala.

Vicuñas traverse a salt flat