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Wallasea is a continent in the northern hemisphere. It is bordered to the south by Veridis, to the east by the Ingenic Ocean, to the west by the Oryontic Ocean and Arterus, and to the north by the Arctic Ocean.


The origin of the name Wallasea is still debated by contemporary academics.

The continent is known by the following names in its constituent countries:

  • Cockaygne Wallasea
  • Embrea Valacía
  • Flamaguay Valacía
  • Poláčekia Walasie
  • Praetonia Wallasea
  • Prekovy Ꙍаласиѵа / Walasiya
  • Saratovia Вальясьия
  • Zegora and Bogatovia Ваљасия / Walasija


Symbol Flag Name Capital System of
Head GDP (billions)
per capita
Population Area (km2) Pop. density
(per km²)
Cockaygne Mucklog Common law polity Ezekiel Lochgelly $857 $11,900 72,000,000
Coat of Arms of Embrea.png Embrea Evora Federal parliamentary republic Bernardo Garcia Mendes $465 $15,500 30,000,000 535,488 56.02
Seal of Flamaguay.png Flamaguay Funes Rationally codified state Ermenegildo Maturín Casonféz $4,800 $55,700 86,175,940 1 86,175,940
Pola COA.png Poláčekia První Federal constitutional monarchy Věnceslav XII Jestřáb $1,746 $36,784 47,475,091 1,553,152 30.57
Praetonia Haversham Common Law polity Anne $7,095 $57,220 124,000,000 483,632 256.39
Seal of Prekovy.png Prekovy Ostrava Quasi-federal republic Michal Havlicek $8,283 $26,506 312,000,000 7,833,088 39.83
Saratov Government Coat of Arms.png Saratovia Petrograd Constitutional monarchy Vilgelm II $3,037 $50,532 60,100,000 1,642,128 42.69
Zegora and Bogatovia Kralvićevo Parliamentary constitutional monarchy Rajko Kušanov $1,665 $27,301 61,000,000 1,970,688 30.95


The Carse, on the border between Cockaygne and Prekovy 
Zlatý Mountains, Northern Poláčekia 
Old Town Center of Rostov, Saratovia 
Central Funes, Flamaguay 
St. Averix's Cathedral, Petrograd, Saratovia