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Vekhistan is a country located in western Crataea.


Agricultural products, including fish, are a major export earner for Vekhistan.

The economy of Vekhistan is the 9th-smallest in the world by PPP GDP at around $650 billion in 2018. With a per capita GDP of $9,700 and an HDI of 0.696, Vekhistan is considered a developing country. A century of unstable government, coupled with high inflation, caused foreign investors to flee Vekhistan, halting its industrialisation until the 1990s. The economy is heavily reliant on agriculture and light manufacturing, with agricultural products, light engineering, and mineral forming the basis of the country's exports. Vekhistan's state capitalist economy is dominated by major nationalised corporations, which make up more than 25% of total national income. The tax burden is approximately 25% of GDP. Vekhistan's major trade partners are its Crataean neighbours.

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