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The Commonwealth is the group of countries that practise Common Law. It has a variety of symbols, most of which were created by particular common law organisations but have since achieved significance that crosses borders of language and race. The most well known is the red and white flag with sword and scales, which originated as the flag of the Eastern Association during the Praetonian civil war.


The Red Ensign.
The flag of the North Point Company

Red ensign

The Red Ensign is the battle flag of the Eastern Association adopted during the Praetonian Civil War. It has since remained the flag of the Eastern Association, become the flag of the Estates-General, and is the most widely recognised flag of the Commonwealth as a whole. It consists of a scales, representing Justice or Providence, and a sword, representing the will to uphold it. The colour scheme of red, representing blood, and white, representing purity, has become almost universal in the Commonwealth.

The Blue and White

The Blue and White is the ensign of the North Point Company, adopted in 1890. It replaced the earlier Hartsfield-Thomas Flag, the complexity of which led to increased sewing costs. The Blue & White became a widely recognized symbol of North Point during the Great War. The flag consists of a blue north star centered on a blue and white triband, with white at its center. Flag historians agree that the blue represents the Oryontic Ocean, the center of trade within the Commonwealth, and the white represents purity, a frequent theme in common law symbology.


Senland Awake!

The first semi-official anthem of the Commonwealth was Senland Awake!, composed in Senland during the first days of the Praetonian civil war. At this time Senland was the only Common Law polity in the world and was deciding whether or not to give in to demands to accept conventional civil law authority of other polities on the Praetonian Home Island. It remains the anthem of the Eastern Association, one of the largest and most powerful of the Praetonian associations, and was for a time the unofficial anthem of the Estates-General.

Senland awake! Senland awake!
Banners and arms raise high - Senland awake!
Go forth to do or die, shouting our battle cry,
Our voice that speaks no lie: Victory or death!
Lord mark us every one: Victory or death!

Providence awake! Providence awake!
Our trust in peace and war - Providence awake!
Strike now for truth and Law, fill heathen heart with awe,
Your might around us draw: Justice prevail!
Suffer not wrong to pass: Justice prevail!

Mankind awake! Mankind awake!
Right's is the victory - mankind awake!
Truth's Kingdom come to be, wrongdoers bend the knee,
Spread over every sea: Truth overcome!
On earth one Law enthrone: Truth overcome!

Almighty Providence

The official anthem of the Estates-General is Almighty Providence, which was composed during the Great War as Senland Awake was considered too parochial. It consists of five verses although by convention only three are usually sung. During peacetime these are the first, second and fifth, while during time of war the first, third and fourth are sung. All five were sung at the victory parade in Jesselton at the conclusion of the Great Mutiny.

Almighty Providence! Thou who ordainest
Great winds Thy clarions, lightnings Thy sword;
Show forth Thy pity on high where Thou reignest,
Grant to us peace in our time, O Lord.

Merciful Providence! Earth hath forsaken
Thy ways of righteousness, slighted Thy Word;
Bid not Thy wrath in its terrors awaken;
Give to us peace in our time, O Lord.

Righteous Providence! Man hath defied Thee;
Yet to eternity standeth Thy Word,
Falsehood and wrong shall not tarry beside Thee;
Give to us peace in our time, O Lord.

Unvanquished Providence! Fire of thy chastening,
Shall earth to Justice and Truth restore;
Through the thick darkness Thy kingdom hastens;
Thou wilt give peace in Thy time, O Lord.

So shall Thy children, with thankful devotion,
Praise Thee who saved them from peril and sword,
Singing in chorus from ocean to ocean,
Peace to the nations, and Just be the world.