Sociedad Estatal Productora Aeronáutica

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Sociedad Estatal Productora Aeronáutica
Public company Flamaguay
Traded asSEPA
IndustryAerospace, defense
FoundedMittónes, Flamaguay, 1909

Sociedad Estatal Productora Aeronáutica S.A. (abbreviated SEPA) is the main aerospace manufacturer in Flamaguay, as well as holding a 10% stake in PAWA. Founded in 1909, it is a majorly-state owned enterprise and SEPA is publicly listed on the stock exchange. The public shares in the company are held by the Directorate of National Defense, but management of the company is under the purview of the Directorate of Public Works. SEPA S.A. is considered to be of "paramount strategic importance" to the capability of Flamaguay to maintain an independent defensive deterrent.

SEPA headquarters is located in Mittónes, march of Careolara, while its largest plant is at Consatapeyes, and its research and development incubator is based in Tandruxu.


A Calquin work line in the late 1940s.
AT-7 taxiing.
A parked Ilusión III.
Ilusión 2000 climbing.
Ráfaga B refueling.



Halcón 900 taking off.