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This is a repository of notable printed and online publications, sorted by category. If information is available, publication information such as office location and time period are noted.

Art & Culture

Economics & Finance

  • (est 1993): Worldwide leader in business regulation and framework analysis.
  • Journal of Crataean Economics (est. 2015): Sovereign-published bi-monthly review of continental news and economics.

Healthcare & Medicine

  • Annals of Modern Health-Service (est. 1910): bi-monthly journal for healthcare service publications.
  • Core Joint Medical Review (est. 1974): monthly journal of record for major hospitals in the Core Agglomerate.

Military & Defense

  • Air & Space Defense Review: airspace related monthly magazine.
  • Global Air Combat: military aircraft bi-monthly publication.
  • Global Military Appraisal: a leading military publication, based in Jacksonville, North Point.
  • Our Wonderful Fighting Forces: annual Haversham-published almanac detailing public information on the militaries of the commonwealth, including Tairendia and Cockaygne.

Newspapers & News magazines

Politics & International relations

Science & Technology

  • Android Almanac (est. 1999): Android-specific journal, published in Axum.
  • Elcar Scientific Publshing: Varnian publishing house for scientific journals and other publications.
  • Robotic and Autonomous System Quarterly Review (est. 1984): robotics-related technology quarterly publication, based in the Structure.
  • Wallasean Scientific Examiner (est. 1883): general science publication principally focused on reporting Wallsaean developments, based in Kralvićevo.


  • Fuzz Bead: Celebrity gossip, online quiz, and social media news aggregator headquartered in North Point.
  • Lauderdale Inquirer: celebrity gossip magazine based in North Point.

Sport & Leisure

  • Core Sport (est. 1970): leading Structure sports news magazine.
  • Global Recreation & Competition Compendium (est. 1845): a sports publication with a focus on sports ruling, infrastructure, and politics.
  • Indoor Sport World (est. 1975): general indoor sport monthly magazine, a global publication with headquarters in the Core Agglomerate.
  • 오늘은 E-스퍼트(E-Sports Today) (est. 2012): largest E-sports publication in the world- two editions are published, one for Hanseom and a second worldwide edition.
  • World Football Weekly (est. 1909): Weekly news magazine focused on developments in association football, based in Praetonia. Notable for annual publication of Power Rankings for national leagues, national teams and clubs.


  • Annals of the Imperial Constitutional Court (est. 1501): oldest still-running publication in the world; covers the cases and rulings presented before Poláčekia's Constitutional Court.