Oryontic Charter

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The Oryontic Charter was a contract signed aboard the Estates Navy aircraft carrier CS Bewford in 2012, during the Questarian Civil War. It bound the Five Commonwealth Powers - the Estates-General, the Rajamandala, the North Point Company, Tairendia, and Axum - to wage war against "organised Syndicalism in Questers" until "final victory", to maintain defined levels of force in the field until this time, and to seek no separate peace.

Many historians regard the signing of the Oryontic Charter as the point at which the Questarian Civil War became unwinnable for the Syndicalists, although fighting continued for another year.

The Oryontic Charter also inaugurated a common recognition symbol that was supposed to be painted on all materiel of the Five Powers, but this was only sporadically implemented.