North Point Sea Command order of battle by formation

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This is the complete order of battle of the North Point Sea Command.



The North Point Sea Command is broken into three primary fleets with differing areas of responsibility and mission specializations. The fleets are based at Naval Stations (NS) around North Point.

Western Fleet (WESTFLT)

The Western Fleet is based at Naval Station North Beach on Grand Island. Its commander is designated COMWESTFLT (Commander, Western Fleet).

Carrier Battle Group 1 (CVBG 1)

  • CV-10 Jacksonville (Commonwealth class)
    • Carrier Air Wing 3 (CVW-3)
  • DESRON 11 attached
    • DDG-15 Conqueror (Conqueror class)
    • FFG-2 Adventure (Daring class)
    • FFG-6 Surprise (Daring class)

Surface Action Group 1 (SAG 1)

  • CB-1 Endeavour (Endeavour class) (Western Fleet flagship)
  • DDG-11 Ardent (Ardent class)
  • DDG-14 Attacker (Ardent class)
  • FFG-4 Verity (Daring class)
  • FFG-5 Brazen (Daring class)

Destroyer Squadron 11 (DESRON 11)

  • DDG-15 Conqueror (Conqueror class)
  • FFG-2 Adventure (Daring class)
  • FFG-6 Surprise (Daring class)

Attack Squadron 14 (ATKRON 14)

  • FS-1 Challenger (Challenger class)
  • FAC-9 O'Hare (Soldier class)
  • FAC-10 McKean (Soldier class)
  • FAC-17 Warrington (Soldier class Block II)
  • FAC-18 Hanner (Soldier class Block II)

Patrol Squadron 3 (PATROL 3)

  • PB-63 Cedar Point (Fremantle class)
  • PB-64 Jonesboro (Fremantle class)
  • PB-65 Westpark (Fremantle class)
  • PB-66 Hobart (Fremantle class)
  • PB-67 Madisonville (Fremantle class)

Patrol Squadron 6 (PATROL 6)

  • PB-68 Decatur (Fremantle class)
  • PB-69 Jennings (Fremantle class)
  • PB-70 Ocean Park (Fremantle class)
  • PB-71 Nelsonville (Fremantle class)
  • PB-72 Beaufort (Fremantle class)
  • PB-73 Southford (Fremantle class)
  • PB-74 Choiseul (Fremantle class)

Submarine Squadron 4 (SUBRON 4)

  • SSK-36 Vanguard (Vanguard class)
  • SSK-37 Niagara (Vanguard class)
  • SSK-40 Belleisle (Vanguard class)
  • SSK-44 Aeolus (Vanguard class)
  • SSK-52 Ajax (Repulse class)
  • SSK-56 Mars (Repulse class)

Submarine Squadron 7 (SUBRON 7)

  • SSK-38 Mercury (Vanguard class)
  • SSK-39 Syren (Vanguard class)
  • SSK-45 Actaeon (Vanguard class)
  • SSK-46 Thetis (Vanguard class)
  • SSK-47 Saturn (Vanguard class)
  • SSK-51 Jupiter (Repulse class)

Airship Patrol Squadron 7 (ZP-7)

  • ZNP-T-7 (T class)
  • ZNP-T-8 (T class)
  • ZNP-R-23 (R class)
  • ZNP-R-25 (R class)

Airship Early Warning Squadron 11 (ZW-11)

  • ZNW-T-6 (T class)

Gulf Fleet (GULFFLT)

The Gulf Fleet is based at Naval Station Blackettville on Lauderdale Island. Its commander is designated COMGULFFLT (Commander, Gulf Fleet).

Destroyer Squadron 19 (DESRON 19)

  • DDG-15 Victory (Conqueror class) (Gulf Fleet flagship)
  • DDG-12 Advancer (Ardent class)
  • FFG-7 Voyager (Daring class)
  • FFG-8 Defense (Daring class)

Attack Squadron 17 (ATKRON 17)

  • FS-2 Comet (Challenger class)
  • FAC-6 Rogers (Soldier class)
  • FAC-7 Craig (Soldier class)
  • FAC-15 Mason (Soldier class Block II)
  • FAC-16 McCard (Soldier class Block II)

Patrol Squadron 8 (PATROL 8)

  • PB-75 Rennell (Armidale class)
  • PB-60 Stafford (Armidale class)
  • PB-61 King City (Fremantle class)
  • PB-62 Childersville (Fremantle class)

Submarine Squadron 11 (SUBRON 11)

  • SSK-49 Albemarle (Vanguard class)
  • SSK-50 Hazard (Vanguard class)
  • SSK-53 Bellerophon (Repulse class)
  • SSK-55 Acheron (Repulse class)

Amphibious Force 1 (AMFOR 1)

  • LPD-1 Alfred Taylor (Austin class)
  • LST-28 Grand Island (Islands class)

Airship Patrol Squadron 10 (ZP-10)

  • ZNP-T-3 (T class)
  • ZNP-R-24 (R class)
  • ZNP-R-27 (R class)
  • ZNP-R-28 (R class)

Auxiliary Force 5 (AUXFOR 5)

  • AOR-1 Anchor Point City (Wave class)
  • AOR-2 Shepard (Wave class)

Mine Warfare Group 11 (MWG 11)

  • MCM-6 MacReynolds (Avenger class)
  • MCM-7 Anderson (Avenger class)
  • MCM-8 Robertson (Avenger class)
  • MCM-9 Hunt (Avenger class)
  • MCM-10 Vicente (Avenger class)
  • MHC-6 Hawk (Osprey class)
  • MHC-7 Sparrow (Osprey class)

Southern Fleet (SOUTHFLT)

The Southern Fleet is headquartered at Naval Station Bridgeport on Grand Island. Its commander is designated COMSOUTHFLT (Commander, Southern Fleet). In addition to administering a variety of regular fleet units, the Southern Fleet is also responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the Naval Reserve Fleet Repository at Matheson Bay (RSRVFLT).

Carrier Battle Group 2 (CVBG 2)

Destroyer Squadron 15 (DESRON 15)

  • DDG-13 Alacrity (Ardent class) (Southern Fleet flagship)
  • FFG-1 Daring (Daring class)
  • FFG-3 Dauntless (Daring class)

Attack Squadron 9 (ATKRON 9)

  • FAC-8 Meredith (Soldier class)
  • FAC-14 Thompson (Soldier class Block II)
  • FAC-19 Holder (Soldier class Block II)

Attack Squadron 10 (ATKRON 10)

  • FS-3 Crusader (Challenger class)
  • FAC-12 Goodrich (Soldier class)
  • FAC-13 Anderson (Soldier class)
  • FAC-20 Powers (Soldier class Block II)

Patrol Squadron 1 (PATROL 1)

  • PB-76 Esperance (Armidale class)
  • PB-77 Bellona (Armidale class)

Submarine Squadron 10 (SUBRON 10)

  • SSK-54 Temeraire (Repulse class)
  • SSK-41 Euryalus (Vanguard class)
  • SSK-42 Aegir (Vanguard class)
  • SSK-43 Talos (Vanguard class)
  • SSK-48 Defender (Vanguard class)

Amphibious Force 2 (AMFOR 2)

  • LPD-2 George Witton (Austin class)
  • LST-27 Jacks County (De Soto County class)
  • LST-28 Kennedy County (De Soto County class)
  • LST-29 Lauderdale Island (Islands class)

Airship Patrol Squadron 14 (ZP-14)

  • ZNP-T-1 (T class)
  • ZNP-T-2 (T class)
  • ZNP-T-4 (T class)
  • ZNP-R-26 (R class)

Airship Early Warning Squadron 9 (ZW-9)

  • ZNW-T-5 (T class)

Auxiliary Force 3 (AUXFOR 3)

  • AOR-5 Coronado (Rover class)

Mine Warfare Group 14 (MWG 14)

  • MCM-11 McKesson (Avenger class)
  • MCM-12 Witton (Avenger class)
  • MCM-13 Garza (Avenger class)
  • MCM-14 Spears (Avenger class)
  • MHC-3 Osprey (Osprey class)
  • MHC-4 Kestrel (Osprey class)
  • MHC-5 Eagle (Osprey class)


North Point's naval aviation units are also distributed into three different commands, each assigned to a certain area of operations and based at a Naval Air Station (NAS). Helicopter squadrons which normally operate from surface vessels are assigned to a Naval Air Station, but send Detachments to each ship.

Western Command (AIRWEST)

Western Command is stationed at Naval Air Station Freeport (Freeport NAS). Its commander is designated COMAIRWEST (Commander, Air Forces, Western). Aside from a selection of maritime patrol and rescue squadrons, AIRWEST administers all of the NPSC's helicopter anti-submarine squadrons which deploy to the destroyers and frigates.

Patrol Wing 5 (PATWING 5)

  • Patrol Squadron 5 (VP-5); 3 x P-99
  • Patrol Squadron 6 (VP-6); 3 x P-3B
  • Patrol Squadron 15 (VP-15); 2 x US-2

Patrol Wing 7 (PATWING 7)

  • Patrol Squadron 8 (VP-8); 3 x P-3C
  • Patrol Squadron 17 (VP-17); 2 x PBY-6A

Rescue Wing 4 (RESWING 4)

  • Rescue Squadron 27 (VH-27); 4 x HC-130H

Helicopter Anti-Submarine Wing 1 (ASWWING 1)

  • Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron (Light) 4 (HSL-4); 8 x Alouette III
  • Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron (Light) 6 (HSL-6); 8 x Alouette III
  • Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron (Light) 8 (HSL-8); 7 x SH-2G
  • Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron (Light) 10 (HSL-10); 8 x SH-2G

Gulf Command (AIRGULF)

The Gulf Command is stationed at Naval Air Station Covington Point (Covington Point NAS), and its commander is designated COMAIRGULF (Commander, Air Forces, Gulf).

Patrol Wing 11 (PATWING 11)

  • Patrol Squadron 7 (VP-7); 3 x P-99
  • Patrol Squadron 11 (VP-11); 2 x P-3C

Patrol Wing 20 (PATWING 20)

  • Patrol Squadron 12 (VP-12); 4 x P-3C
  • Patrol Squadron 14 (VP-14); 2 x US-2

Rescue Wing 5 (RESWING 5)

  • Helicopter Rescue Squadron 29 (HH-29); 3 x AS-332C1
  • Helicopter Rescue Squadron 32 (HH-32); 3 x AS-332C1

Helicopter Utility Wing 1 (HUWING 1)

  • Helicopter Utility Squadron 2 (HU-2); 6 x AS-332F1
  • Helicopter Utility Squadron 3 (HU-3); 6 x EC-725N
  • Helicopter Utility Squadron 6 (HU-6); 4 x Alouette III

Southern Command (AIRSOUTH)

The Southern Command is stationed at Naval Air Station Southford (Southford NAS) and is commanded by COMAIRSOUTH (Commander, Air Forces, Southern). Southern Command hosts the NPSC's sole advanced training wing (TRWING 1), which includes both fixed-wing and rotary training squadrons as well as the force's Air Test and Evaluation Squadron (VX-3).

Patrol Wing 18 (PATWING 18)

  • Patrol Squadron 10 (VP-10); 2 x P-99
  • Patrol Squadron 18 (VP-18); 3 x P-3B
  • Patrol Squadron 21 (VP-21); 4 x PBY-6A

Rescue Wing 9 (RESWING 9)

  • Helicopter Rescue Squadron 26 (HH-26); 4 x AS-332C1

Training Wing 1 (TRWING 1)

  • Helicopter Training Squadron 1 (HT-1); 4 x TH-57B
  • Training Squadron 10 (VT-10); 6 x T-27
  • Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 3 (VX-3); 2 x MQ-8B