North Point Sea Command

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North Point Sea Command
Active 11 May 1814 - present
Country  North Point
Type Navy
Size 20,000 active personnel
5,000 reserve personnel
103 ships
Motto(s) Sit Nomine Digna
(Latin: May it be worthy of the name)
Colors North Point Blue, White
March The Thunderer
Aircraft flown
Utility helicopter SH-2G, Alouette III, AS-332C1
Patrol P-99, P-3C/P-3D/WP-3D, PBY-6A
Trainer TH-57B
Transport HC-130N

The North Point Sea Command, commonly abbreviated to NPSC, is the naval arm of North Point's military. Ships are prefixed NPS, which stands for North Point Ship. Due to North Point's large amount of sea territory, it has always maintained a strong naval presence and tradition. The NPSC consists of 103 commissioned vessels, over 100 aircraft, and nearly 25,000 men.


The North Point Sea Command operates a variety of surface ships, submarines, and auxiliaries, as well as a selection of maritime patrol aircraft and helicopters. Due to its history as a major shipbuilder, almost every ship in service is designed and built in North Point.

Naval order of battle

This is a list of all active ships in North Point's Naval Vessel Register. Ships in this list are in active service.

Vessel class Count Origin Designation Hull number(s) Type Entered service Notes
Amphibious warfare ships
Islands class 2 North Point LST 28, 29 Tank landing ship 1995
Austin class 2 Praetonia LPD 1, 2 Amphibious transport dock 1967 as command ships
De Soto County class 2 North Point LST 27, 28 Tank landing ship 1958
Endeavour class 1 North Point CB 1 Large cruiser 1944 heavily modernized
Association class 2 North Point DDG 15, 16 Guided-missile destroyer 2007 DDG-17, DDG-18 planned
Ardent class 4 North Point DDG 11-14 Guided-missile destroyer 2000 DDG-19, DDG-20 planned
Daring class 7 North Point FF 23-33 Frigate 1986 MEKO 200 configuration
Challenger class 3 North Point FS 1-3 Corvette 2003 FS-4, FS-5, FS-6 planned
Strike craft
Soldier class Block II 6 North Point FAC 14-20 Strike craft 1985
Soldier class 13 North Point FAC 1-13 Strike craft 1967
Patrol boats
Armidale class 4 North Point PB 74-77 Patrol boat 2007
Fremantle class 12 North Point PB 60-73 Patrol boat 1980
Repulse class 6 Praetonia SSK 51-56 Attack submarine 2002
Vanguard class 14 North Point SSK 36-50 Attack submarine 1964
Mine warfare ships
Avenger class 9 Questers MCM 6-14 Mine countermeasures ship 1989
Osprey class 5 Praetonia MHC 3-7 Minehunter 1988
Replenishment ships
Wave class 2 Praetonia AOR 6, 7 Replenishment oiler 2004
Rover class 1 Praetonia AOR 5 Replenishment oiler 1970
Patrol airships
T class 8 North Point ZNP-T / ZNP-W 1-8 Patrol / early warning airship 1953 to be retired with no replacement 2016
R class 6 North Point ZNP-R 23-28 Patrol airship 1940 to be retired with no replacement 2016

Naval aviation

Aircraft Origin Role Variant In service Notes
SH-2 SeaSprite North Point shipboard helicopter SH-2G 15 replacing all Alouette IIIs by 2018
Alouette III Quiberon shipboard helicopter SA-316B 20
Eurocopter EC725 Quiberon utility helicopter EC-725N 6 replacing all Super Pumas by 2020
Super Puma Quiberon utility helicopter

rescue helicopter


TH-57 Praetonia trainer TH-57B 4 advanced helicopter conversion trainer
MQ-8 Fire Scout North Point unmanned autonomous helicopter MQ-8B 2 being evaluated for service
Patrol aircraft
Embraer P-99 North Point Maritime patrol P-99 8
P-3 Orion North Point Maritime patrol

Weather reconnaissance
P-3B, P-3C



operated by North Point National Weather Service
ShinMaywa US-2 Tairendia Maritime patrol US-2 4
IAe Catalina Questers Maritime patrol PBY-6A 6 to be replaced fleet-wide by US-2
Rescue aircraft
IAe Hercules Praetonia Search & rescue aircraft HC-130H 4


Missile Origin Type Versions Launch platform Notes
Surface-to-air missiles
RIM-97 Falcon II  Praetonia medium range semi-active radar homing RIM-97K/L/M ship VLS
RIM-99 Falcon ER  North Point anti-ballistic missile RIM-99C ship VLS aboard Association class cruisers only
RIM-116 RAM  North Point point defense infrared/RF homing RIM-116C ship launcher
RIM-132 Sea Hawk EVO  North Point point defense semi-active radar homing RIM-132C/D ship VLS
Surface-to-surface missiles
BGM-109 Tomahawk  Praetonia anti-ship / land attack RGM-109B / BGM-109C ship canister / VLS
RGM-94 Sea Lance  North Point anti-ship RGM-94D/M ship canister / VLS
RGM-119 Penguin  Questers anti-ship RGM-119 ship canister fitted to some strike craft serving in Questers
RGM-62 Swordfish  North Point anti-ship RGM-62K ship canister being replaced fleet-wide by RGM-94
RUM-101 VL-Archerfish  North Point anti-submarine RUM-101C ship VLS equipped with Mark 46 torpedo in North Point service
Air-to-air missiles
AIM-9 Sidewinder  Praetonia short range IR guided AIM-9L/M & AIM-9X aircraft self-defense for maritime patrol aircraft
Air-to-surface missiles
AGM-94 Sea Lance  North Point anti-ship AGM-94D, AGM-94K SLAM-ER aircraft
AGM-119 Penguin  Questers anti-ship AGM-119D aircraft carried by SH-2G helicopters in Questers
Mark 54  North Point lightweight anti-submarine Mark 54 Mod.1 ship torpedo tube / air-dropped
Mark 46  North Point lightweight anti-submarine Mark 46 Mod.5 ship torpedo tube / air-dropped being replaced fleet-wide by Mark 54
Mark 60 CAPTOR  Questers anti-submarine mine Mark 60 Mod.3 ship/submarine torpedo tube / air-dropped equipped with Mark 46 torpedo in North Point service
Submarine launched
Mark 48 ADCAP  Praetonia anti-ship / anti-submarine Mark 48 Mod.7 submarine torpedo tube
UGM-94 Sea Lance  North Point anti-ship UGM-94D submarine torpedo tube
UUM-101 Archerfish  North Point anti-submarine UUM-101D submarine torpedo tube equipped with Mark 46 torpedo in North Point service

Naval bases

  • Naval Station North Beach - HQ Western Fleet - COMWESTFLT (Commander, Western Fleet)
  • Naval Station Blackettville - HQ Gulf Fleet - COMGULFFLT (Commander, Gulf Fleet)
  • Naval Station Bridgeport - HQ Southern Fleet - COMSOUTHFLT (Commander, Southern Fleet)
  • Naval Air Station Freeport - HQ Western Command - COMAIRWEST (Commander, Air Forces, Western)
  • Naval Air Station Covington Point - HQ Gulf Command - COMAIRGULF (Commander, Air Forces, Gulf)
  • Naval Air Station Southford - HQ Southern Command - COMAIRSOUTH (Commander, Air Forces, Southern)