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North Point Company
Flag of North Point.png
Current flag of the North Point Company
Motto"Veritas, industriam, et legem"
(Latin: Truth, industry, and the Law)
FounderThomas Jackson, OBS
Founded atMcLennan House, Haversham, Praetonia
HeadquartersJacksonville, North Point
ServicesDefense, private courts, macro-insurance, shirtmaking
Official language
Association Chairman
George Sale
Association Committee
Formerly called
Praetonian North Point Company (prior to 1820)

The North Point Company is the largest and most powerful military Association in North Point. Founded in Praetonia in 1803 as the Praetonian North Point Company (PNPC), it was originally a timber cutting venture chartered to exploit the vast pine and palm forests on Grand Island in North Point. Steady expansion of its operations throughout the early 19th century led to its transformation from a profit-driven company into a military Association, after heavy piracy in the islands required the Company to commission a small navy and militia for self-defense. It later grew to provide a variety of services, ranging from maintaining a police force (the Night Watch) to banking.

The Company is a confederation of shareholders, who receive a proportional vote based on their financial contribution. Shareholders vote once a year to elect officers to the Association Committee, a panel of twenty-four shareholders, the only requirement for office being "any Person, who is a Shareholder, over the age of 30 Years, with a Credit Score determined to be at least 775 by the Tairendian Standard." The committee acts as the board of directors that sets foreign policy, promotes military leaders, and administers the company's day-to-day operations. The Association Chairman is the chief of the Company, and is elected from the committee officers once every five years. The current Association Chairman is George Sale, who has held the position for ten years. There are no term limits for officers or chairmen.

Analogous to the Estates-General in Praetonia and the Questarian Estates, the North Point Company is funded by rent fees charged to landholders on the islands and subscription fees paid by shareholders. This income allows the Company to fund a professional military (the North Point Security Forces). Profits from additional services offered by the Company supplement rent income.

Original flag of the North Point Company, c1812





  • Establishing/maintaining NP Sperg Forces
  • Establishing/maintaining Night Watch


  • Currency-issuing banks
    • Bank of North Point (North Point Dollar) - pegged to Oryontic Dollar
    • Oryontic Holdings Bank (Oryontic Dollar)
  • Insurance
    • Automobile (Greater Eastern Islands Company - GEICO)
  • Shirtmaking
    • Hobson & Sons Ltd.


  • Circuit courts (Commonwealth Islands Circuit Court, Blackettville City Court, Society of West Oryontic Legal Practitioners)



Notes OOC

  • Building sawmills near large inland forests
  • Building roads, railroads, etc to process lumber and raw materials
  • Hiring militia / mercenaries to protect the trading ports and raw materials operations from piracy
    • Chartering anti-piracy operations to clear the many thousands of islands of pirate bases etc.
  • Establishing ports in useful locations and charging fees for their use
    • Speightstown, New Haversham, Bridgeport, North Beach, Robertsville first established
  • Instituting Common Law within NP; setting up the Watch, courts, etc. especially as more and more settlers arrive and population grows
  • Expanding into other profitable areas (coconut/copra harvesting, fisheries, sugarcane, mining, oil drilling 1895, power generation 1890)
  • Insurer for people's security; charging rent fees to land holders to support common defense (basis of NPC as CL assoc entity)