North Point Army

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North Point Army
Active 1 November 1799 - present
Country  North Point
Type Navy
Size 30,000 active personnel
10,000 reserve personnel
Motto(s) Quo fas et gloria ducunt
(Latin: Where duty and glory lead)
Colors North Point Blue, White
March The Voice of the Guns
Aircraft flown
Attack AH-1W
Utility helicopter Alouette III, AS-332B, EC-725, CH-53
Reconnaissance RC-12N

The North Point Army is a branch of the North Point Security Forces responsible for land-based military operations. It is the oldest of North Point's professional military service branches. In 2010, the Army had around 30,000 active personnel, with an additional 10,000 in reserve.

The Army has seen extensive combat in the Questarian rebellion, with over 25,000 troops being deployed in three to four month rotations. By the end of the conflict, over 3,000 North Point troops had been killed in action.

Weapons and equipment

The standard-issue infantry rifle is the locally-produced Light Automatic Rifle. Parachute infantry, vehicle crews, artillerists, and officers are generally issued a folding-stock, short-barreled variant. Squad-level machine gunners carry the FN MAG. Officers are issued the Browning Hi-Power 9mm pistol as a sidearm, though the Colt M1911A1 is also a popular choice available for private purchase. Marksmen are issued the AWM accurised rifle and the Barrett M107 anti-materiel rifle. The standard-issue hand grenade is the M67 grenade. Infantry anti-tank weapons include the M72 LAW, Carl Gustav, and the FGM-148 Javelin. The Stinger man-portable air defense system is issued to some specialist units.

Magnified combat optics are issued to all troops. Popular models include the Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight, Aimpoint CompM4, and Elcan C79. The War Department is currently undertaking an initiative to replace all magnified optics with the superior Elcan SU-230 model, designated the No.6 Mk.II RCO (ranged combat optic) in North Point service. The AN/PEQ-15A dual target pointer/illuminator is issued to all troops for use with the AN/PVS-7, AN/PVS-14, and AN/PVS-15 night vision goggles currently in use. The advanced Ground Panoramic NVG-18 (GPNVG-18) is reportedly in use by special forces units.

Soldiers of the North Point Army wear North Point brush stroke uniforms and are equipped (generally) with the Individual Body Armor system of 2005. Some second-line and reserve units are still issued the 93 pattern webbing, but all troops deployed to combat zones receive body armor. Troops are issued ACH helmet with a camouflage cover. Private-purchase combat helmets such as the Ops-Core and Crye Airframe have proven popular with overseas units. Black jungle boots are issued to all troops as the standard issue footwear.

Current strength


As of December 2015, the Army has 30,000 active personnel and 10,000 part-time reservists. The North Point Army can, in times of national emergency, be reinforced by elements of the North Point Guard Force, which can raise three infantry divisions at short notice if necessary. Guard Force units do not deploy overseas.

Ground vehicles

Vehicle Origin Role Variants In service Notes
Covenanter  Praetonia main battle tank Covenanter 2, CAVRE, CAVLB, CRARRV
Crusader  Praetonia main battle tank Crusader Mk.11
Sheridan  North Point light tank M551A1
M270 MLRS  Praetonia multiple launch rocket system M270A1 48
Wiggins Motors (Horse Artillery) QF 220-pounder  Questers theater artillery
Wiggins Motors (Horse Artillery) QF 96-pounder Long  Praetonia tracked artillery
Bewford Ordnance QF 96-pounder  Praetonia towed artillery
Bewford Ordnance QF 36-pounder  Praetonia towed artillery
Armored personnel carriers
M113 APC  Questers armored personnel carrier M113A3, M113 ACAV
Anti-aircraft vehicles
Marksman Praetonia self-propelled anti-aircraft gun Chieftain Marksman 84
Utility vehicles
M1070  Praetonia heavy transport truck M1070 36
Land Rover  Praetonia light utility vehicle Defender 90, Defender 110, Defender WMIK 254


The North Point Army maintains an organic aviation unit, known as the North Point Army Air Forces. At one point in its history, the NPAAF rivaled the North Point Flying Corps in strength, before all Army fighter and bomber aircraft were moved to the Flying Corps during the 1960s. Today, the only fixed-wing aircraft operated by the NPAAF are light battlefield reconnaissance aircraft which usually sortie in support of larger and more capable R-99B ISR aircraft flown by the Flying Corps. The NPAAF operates a variety of rotary assets in support of ground units.

Army pilots are trained by the North Point Flying Corps at the Allen Pilot Training School at Allen Flying Corps Base.

Aircraft Origin Role Variant In service Notes
surveillance Aircraft
MacMillan C-12 North Point battlefield reconnaissance RC-12N 10
attack helicopters
AH-1 Cobra North Point attack helicopter AH-1W 54
utility helicopters
IAe Super Stallion Praetonia heavy utility helicopter CH-53E
Eurocopter EC725 Quiberon utility helicopter EC-725 replacing all Super Pumas by 2025
Super Puma Quiberon utility helicopter AS-332B
Alouette III Quiberon utility helicopter SA-316B
trainer aircraft
Robinson R44 North Point basic trainer R44


Missile Origin Type Versions
Air-to-air missiles
AIM-9 Sidewinder Praetonia short range IR guided AIM-9 L/M & AIM-9X
Air-to-surface missiles
AGM-114 Hellfire Praetonia air-to-ground tactical AGM-114K/N/M/R