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Total population
c. 9-10 million
Regions with significant populations
 Prekovy 9,500,000
Apostolic Oswinism

The Minus are a Transvrabic people native to the Minu Peninsula in eastern Prekovy. They are closely related to the Svens, but are considered a different nation because of their isolation in the Minu Peninsula, and their history of independent statehood. Minua was an independent state from the 17th century AD until its conquest by Prekovy in 1982.

The Minus were historic clients of the Uzur State, but became independent after the Uzurs were conquered by Prekovy. Minua became a client of Prekovy until its neutrality was guaranteed following Prekovy's defeat in the Great War. Seventy years later, Minua was invaded by Prekovy and annexed.

Following the dissolution of Minua, the Minus were dispersed throughout Prekovy. Prekovars were settled along the southern and eastern coasts of the Minu Peninsula. Today Minus account for only 73% of the population of the Minu Peninsula, down from 96% before the Minu War.