Haversham Metropolitan Court

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The Haversham Metropolitan Court is a Common Law court based at Haversham, the largest city and former ducal capital of Senland. It is widely regarded as the "first and oldest court", although its history dates to before the constitution of courts as they are understood today. It may therefore be more accurate to see it as the oldest surviving court. It is the definition Court of Record for "orthodox" Common Law, the authority of its judgements only being denied by alternative factions within the Common Law such as Syndicalism.

The court is well endowed mostly by unsolicited gifts and legacies from patriotic Senland citizens. Despite this, the pay it offers to its jurists is notoriously low and its buildings are old, indifferently maintained, and austere. The court is nonetheless the most prestigious for any orthodox jurist in the Commonwealth, its Metropolitan Jurist School is over a hundred times oversubscribed, and employment at the court even in a non-judicial capacity is preferred by many to far better paying occupations.

The court maintains a small militia for the defence of its buildings and jurists, which is staffed by volunteers. Most of these men are independently wealth yeomen of old Senland stock, and carry antique weapons passed down in families sometimes for hundreds of years.

For many Providentialists, the Haversham Metropolitan Court is a sacred site, a spot on the earth considered touch by the hand of Providence.