Flamaguayan National Air Force

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Flamaguayan National Air Force
Fuerza Aérea Nacional
Flag of Flamaguayan military.png
Flag of the Flamaguayan Armed Forces
Active1923 - present
Country Flamaguay
AllegianceFlamaguayan Armed Forces
TypeAir Force
Size150,000 active duty
RoundelSeal Flamaguayan mil.png

The Flamaguayan National Air Force (Flamaguayan: Fuerza Aérea Nacional), often simply called the FAN, is the aerial warfare and space warfare service branch of the Armed Forces of the Flamaguayan Confederation. With a $59 billion budget the FAN counts with over 150,000 personnel operataing over 1,000 modern front-line combat aircraft and 2,000 total aircraft, classifying it as one of the most potent air-forces world-wide. The FAN is structured to protect Flamaguayan sovereignty, primarily against potential aggression Prekovy.




A SEPA Ráfaga refuels from a ConAer A400M.

Photo Airframe Origin Year Type Variant Number Notes
Combat aircaft
Rafaga vuelo.jpg SEPA Ráfaga  Flamaguay 1996 Two-seat multirole fighter.
Single-seat air superiority fighter.
Two-seat SEAD version.
Two-seat electronic warfare version.
Ráfaga B
Ráfaga C
Ráfaga SS
Ráfaga E
SEPA 4000.jpg SEPA Ilusión 4000  Flamaguay 1980 Twinjet interceptor. 4000 C2 216 Commenced MLU to C2 variant in 2014, including avionics upgrades. To be phased out by the Ráfaga F+ interceptor variant by 2030.
M2000D spa 102.JPG SEPA Ilusión 2000  Flamaguay 1986 Strike fighter, tactical bomber. 2000D-R2 144 Underwent MLU upgrade to 2000D-R2 in 2016.
EF-111A Raven Front Overhead View.jpg B80E Bubo Eléctrico  Flamaguay
1984 Electronic warfare aircraft. B80E N 36
F-111s Red Flag 09.jpg B80 Bubo Bubo  Flamaguay
1980 Strategic bomber. B80 M 72
Surveillance aircraft
Rafaga SS.jpg SEPA Ráfaga  Flamaguay 2007 Airborne battlefield and ground surveillance aircraft Ráfaga R 16
Emb r99.png Embraer R-99  Embrea
2005 Airborne battlefield and ground surveillance aircraft 12
Daniel Betts 74-3503 (6262591876).jpg E6 Murciélago  Flamaguay 2002 Airborne early warning and control 14
Transport and tanker aircraft
50+61 German Air Force Transall C-160D ILA Berlin 2016 17.jpg G3 Murakoz  PAWA 1977 Military transport aircraft
Tanker aircraft
A400m flaps down.jpg ConAer A400M 2013 Military transport aircraft
Tanker aircraft
F-35A Lightning II completes first trans-Atlantic Ocean crossing (12 of 16).jpg R 6 Pajita  Flamaguay 2006 Tanker aircraft 14
C-5 Galaxy.jpg G5 Persheron  PAWA 1978 Strategic airlifter 36
Rotor Aircraft
Royal Air Force Merlin HC3A helicopter training flight over Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire (cropped).jpg VT45 Krechet  PAWA 1999 Medium-lift utility helicopter ?
20151029 ITA Antonio STELLATO 20 (22624950372).jpg VT50 Maina  PAWA 2003 Medium-lift utility and search and rescue helicopter ?
Trainer Aircraft
P400.png Perrata P400  Flamaguay 2012 Primary trainer aircraft 72
SE INICIÓ EL EJERCICIO CONJUNTO MÁS IMPORTANTE DEL AÑO DE LAS FUERZAS ARMADAS (22899784783).jpg EMB-312  Embrea 1985 Turboprop trainer aircraft 58 Built domestically by SEPA
PZL-130 Orlik 2b.jpg PSP-130 Orlik  Poláčekia 1991 Turboprop trainer aircraft 86 Built domestically by SEPA
Embraer EMB-121 Xingu BA 702.JPG EMB-121  Embrea 1979 Turboprop trainer aircraft 20
Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet A.jpg SEPA-PSP LiJet  Flamaguay
1975 Advanced jet trainer 97
Rafaga ET.jpg SEPA Ráfaga  Flamaguay 1996 Jet trainer conversion. Ráfaga ET 24
Unmanned Aircraft
S-100-OE-VXX.jpg BLA-VT9  Saratovia
2016 Unmanned surveillance helicopter 25