Flamaguayan Civil War

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Flamaguayan Civil War
Flam CivilWar.png
(clockwise from top left)
  • A bomb explodes during the Battle of Talena
  • Fighter-bombers in formation
  • Infantry deploy wearing gas masks
  • A child exhibits chemical weapons wounds
Result Defeat of Progress Front forces in Flamaguay
Declaration of the Structure of Abolition

FlamaguayPopular Concordant for Defense Supported by:
 Poláček Empire

Progress Front
Commanders and leaders
The Caudillo Javier Montt
Ernestina Zudíl
Florino Didier
1949 Strength:
500,000 infantry
1,200 aircraft
600 tanks
1949 Strength:
350,000 infantry
900 aircraft
450 tanks
Casualties and losses
c.4 million killed
c.22 million displaced

Leaves much of the country in ruin.

A loyalist assault guard soldier equipped with an smg.