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The Stand Flag, the last official flag of Flamaguay
The Pink Banner as raised in 1767 at the Open Convention

The flag of Flamaguay (bandera de Flamaguay) has undergone many revisions over time. The last official flag of Flamaguay is the Stand Flag, which consists of three white flamingos on a pink diagonal band which divides a green field diagonally from the lower hoist-side corner. Adopted in 1824 along with the Constitution of Paysandú, it was the official flag until the collapse of the Flamaguayan state in 1961.

The Pink Banner was adopted in 1767 at the the Open Convention in 1767. It prominently features a flamingo, the national animal of Flamaguay. Pink represents the colour of the early sunrise over the Flamaguayan coast, the prosperity of a new day and the charm of republicanism over the civilized nations. White represents the intrinsic noble and kind nature of the Flamaguayan people.


Arriyiñatos adopted the Pink Banner in 1961, following the conclusion of the Civil War as a reaffirmation of its cultural links and formal legal claim to be the legitimate government of Flamaguay, now de-facto occupied by the Structure.

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