Farewell Address to the Subcontinental Army

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The Farewell Address to the Subcontinental Army is a speech broadcast by Field Marshal Sir Archibald Bumpington-Smyth shortly after arriving in the Estates'-aligned concessions in Tairendia. Smyth was not able to make the address in person as he was removed as Marshal of the Estates-General in the Subcontinent at gunpoint. In the speech, Smyth heaped praise on his former troops as he attempted to justify his command of the Estates' armies in the subcontinent during and after the Questarian Mutiny. The speech was adopted as a political manifesto in the Home Islands by an expansionist faction that regards Smyth as its founder and hero.


Beloved comrades,

Two years ago a tremendous revolt erupted in our Commonwealth. Facing the overwhelming power of the Enemy, you placed yourselves between him and our Cause. Preferring destruction to dishonour, you did justice and feared not.

Today we consider our victories, and wonder if we should be satisfied. Eighteen months ago, we considered our defeats, and wondered if we would survive. This achievement, above all, is yours. Few realised then, as none today can ignore, how much we depend upon this continent for our greatness and for our safety. Without this continent, our island cannot feed its industry or its people. With this continent neutral, our fleets cannot safely sail as far as Tairendia and Axum, and our Law would not long survive our absence. With this continent hostile, we would be at the mercy of the land powers of Wallasea, and our final court of appeal would find itself in Ostrava.

We are accustomed to be great, which we ascribe to our virtue. It is the conceit of the lazy sons of conquerors. Greatness is always the product of power. Our Law does not inspire admiration anywhere our armies do not first inspire terror. With Questers we cannot be starved or conquered, nor boxed into our corner and forgotten. She is our farm and our mine, our breastplate and our sword, our doorway to the world. With Questers we are a great nation, and you her saviours are also the saviours of our whole Cause, and all that we have been, and all that we are yet to be.

The future safety of the Commonwealth is in your hands. It cannot be entrusted to the content and timid; it is your duty to ensure that it is not. The borders that we have inherited are not the borders of our ambition, and there is no safety in peace at the mercy of hostile powers. Justice recognises no limits but her own.

For myself individually, I give thanks to Providence that gave you for my command, that gave us so noble a Cause for which to strive and to sacrifice, and for the success of all our endeavours. Content I bid you a fond and affectionate farewell.