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General Association of the Estates of the Realm
Flag of Praetonia.png
HeadquartersLilburne House, Haversham
Percent of GDP2.5% (Contribution)
1% (Association)

The Estates-General is the largest military organisation of Praetonia. It comprises numerous voluntary associations, represented by a Convention, which has supreme authority in the organisation and by unanimous vote can change or abolish any aspect of it. However, since the Convention rarely meets or agrees, the administration of the Estates-General is carried out by several standing institutions, manned by permanent personnel, which in practice dictate most of the Estates-General's policy. The best known of these is the Protector, who acts as a commander-in-chief. Because it can't create laws it usually isn't considered a state, but it acts and is treated much like a "Praetonian state" in its dealings with other countries. A complex and multilayered contractual organisation, over the centuries it has gained the ability to command a large proportion of the Praetonian manpower and economy in war, but at the cost of a byzantine internal political system which limits its freedom of action and is often misunderstood - or entirely overlooked - by foreign observers.