Covenant of Fraternal Faith

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Covenant of Fraternal Faith
Convenio de Fe Fraternal
"Oswin Guide the Faithful"
Capital Funes
Languages Flamaguayan
Religion Reformed Oswinism
Government Confederation
 •  Renewal of Faith 1520
 •  Oath of the Faithful 1521
 •  Disestablished 1724
Succeeded by
Today part of  Structure
Victorious at Olnea

The Covenant of Fraternal Faith (Convenio de Fe Fraternal) was a political union established in 1521 in Flamaguay following the Council of Trogg. The Covenant was a confederation of Reformist nobles and merchant cities, with the leading member being the Just and Equitable League. It created the Ever-Serving Army seeking to establish a unified Reformist force in the face of rising regional tensions.

Eventually it dominated a large part of southern Wallasea as well as considerable amounts of Veridis. The Covenant was a confederation, making itself responsible for external relations, defense, and the arbitrage of internal trade contracts and statues.