Court of Maritime Settlement

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The Court of Maritime Settlement is one of the most prestigious and widespread Common Law courts. It was established to provide adjudication in the "New World", primarily for commercial ventures. It ensured that Senland and later other Commonwealth merchants could reliably obtain judgements according to impeccable Common Law principles wherever in the world they may be. It follows an orthodox line in close alignment with the Haversham Metropolitan Court, and the two often refer their rulings to one another for review. Like the Haversham Metropolitan Court, it is considered a Court of Record.

The first Court of Maritime Settlement was founded at Whitehaven in Senland, the second at Landing in Questers. Today, branches of the Court of Maritime Settlement are present at most ports and capitals around the world, including those outside the Commonwealth, where Common Law courts are not forbidden. Some of its oldest branches were founded at North Point, Tairendia, and Axum. It was the first widely acknowledge court to employ non-Praetannics, and particularly Questarians, as jurists. Questarian Sikhs have been notably overrepresented as jurists of the Court of Maritime Settlement to the present day.

The Court of Maritime Settlement originated the system of a Letter of introduction as a commercial instrument, and continues to be the sole shareholder of Oryontic Assurance. It is therefore arguably one of the wealthiest corporate bodies in the world, and possesses its own army and navy albeit outside of its direct operational control.