Condominium of Jará

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Condominium of Jará
Condominio de Jará
"La Providencia nos guiará hasta el infinito"
Providence will guide us unto infinity
Capital Puerto Enoc
Languages Flamaguayan
Religion Providencialismo
Government Common Law Condominium
 •  Expulsion from Flamaguay 1534
 •  Charter of Settlement March 21, 1535
 •  War with the Covenant September 18, 1681
 •  Conquest June 4, 1690
Succeeded by
Covenant of Fraternal Faith
North Point
Today part of  Valimero
 North Point

The Condominium of Jará (Flamaguayan: Condominio de Jará) was a Common Law entity settled in Northern Veridis from 1535 to 1690. The Condominium was born out of the expulsion from Flamaguay of the Providentialist minority by decree of the Covenant of Fraternal Faith in 1534. Although initially ignored, the settlement would eventually come into conflict with traders and colonists loyal to Flamaguayan authorities. Friction between competing trade routs, along with the burgeoning settlement at North Point, eventually led to low-level raiding and piracy between the various Providentialist and Oswinist settlements. Tensions from the seizure of the merchantman Concepción de las Zavalas in 1681 resulted in conflict with the Covenant of Fraternal Faith. The ensuing war resulted in the defeat of the mainland common law settlers, with the Providentialist inhabitants being expelled to North Point and the territory of Jará being incorporated into Flamaguayan Veridis.