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Core countries in red, peripheral countries in pink, controversial countries in crimson.

The Commonwealth is a term used to describe countries which adhere to the Praetonian common law, and more specifically which accept the Haversham Metropolitan Court and Court of Maritime Settlement as Courts of record. Commonwealth countries may be described as having Unitarian providentialism as their national church. In this sense, Praetonia, Questers, and North Point are the core Commonwealth countries. Axum and Sovereign Sharfland refer to the Courts as Courts of record, but do not have Providentialism as a national religion; Cockaygne is a Diarianism providentialist state, but nonetheless its form of common law is very closely aligned to Praetonia, so Cockaygne is typically seen as a peripheral member of the Commonwealth; Tairendia is the most controversial member as it governed by martial law, but large portions of its armed forces and civil society are loyal in principle to Praetonian courts of record. These seven countries constitute the Broader Commonwealth.

However, in a more parochial sense, subjects of the Commonwealth tend to refer to internal affairs as happening only in Praetonia, Questers, and North Point, as these countries operate with more or less one joint legal and financial system, with a common language and common religion. This is occasionally called the Narrow Commonwealth or less often, the Oryontic Commonwealth. The common law is recognisable and applicable throughout these countries essentially uniformly, so they are often considered as one polity. Nonetheless, the broad Commonwealth also presents a legitimate and commonly understood gestalt for its subjects.

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