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Commonweal o Cockaygne
Motto: "Nemo me impune lacessit"
Anthem: No official anthem (de facto)
several unofficial (de jure)
Official languages Cockay, Praetonian
Recognised regional languages Various dialects
Ethnic groups (2010) Cockay
Demonym Cockay
Government Common Law Polity (None)
 •  Lord Protector of the Cockay Kirk Field Marshall Ezekiel Lochgelly
 •  Ratification of the Solemn League & Covenant xxxx 
 •  Invasion of xxxx 
 •  Establishment of the Commonweal xxxx 
 •  2010 estimate 72,000,000
 •  2010 census 72,235,103
Currency Commodity
Date format dd-mm-yyyy
Drives on the left

Cockaygne is a stateless polity located in Western Wallasea, which borders Prekovy to the East and is geographically approximate to Praetonia to the West across the Praetonian Channel.As with other commonwealth polities, there is no state entity that claims a jurisdiction over the area that makes up Cockaygne. However the legal, social and administrative spheres of Cockaygne are dominated by the Cockay Kirk, a Free Congregationalist organisation of which the majority of the population is associated. It is home to a population of approximately 72 million, the vast majority of which are descended from Praetonian radicals who left the home island in the 17th Century to pursue a military campaign at the request of the Duchy of X.

The landscape of Cockaygne is characterised by its expansive and fertile flatlands which are extensively farmed. As a result of the the polity's agricultural output and dedication to an agrarian lifestyle, it is often referred to as the "Breadbasket of Wallasea".

As a consequence of historical and ongoing antagonism between Cockaygne and neighbouring Prekovy, Cockay society is highly militarised. Due to the concessions made by the Cockay Kirk to maintain the armed forces, Cockaygne's inhabitants do not enjoy a standard of living comparable with other Wallasean states.


Cockaygne's name is derived from a 13th century Praetonian poem which describes a blissful land of plenty to the East in which all earthly wants and desires will be fulfilled. It is speculated that it was originally a nickname used by Praetonian covenanters who had difficulty pronouncing with the original Quiberic name of the Duchy. Despite the ideological opposition of the Covenanters to the many vices described in the poem, the name is widely accepted.


Silly Breton Quibs with common law leanings invite victorious praetonian nutters to support their war of independence from Quiberon. BIG MISTAKE. Covenanters land and promptly execute the Duke and declare the supremacy of THE LAW. After an extensive rampage which displaced the native population, the covenanters over-extend and are pushed back into the rump"""""state""""" of Cockaygne which made them really mad. After cooling their heels they start farming and taking pot-shots at smelly quibs, which continues to this day. Due to Cockay eccentricities, it is a bit of a liability to the rest of the commonwealth, which has strained relations somewhat.



The climate of Cockaygne is classified as temperate by the the North Point Geographic Survey's Climatenet Scale, and is highly changeable though rarely extreme. Cockaygne experiences cool summers, which have on average a maximum temperature in the range of 15-17°C, and mild winters with an average low of 0°C.













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